a new technology to disinfect water...

The Newest Disinfection System In The World

That can produce Ozone , Active Chlorine & Hydrogen Peroxide

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has developed a new technology that can disinfect water by using the electrochemical principle.

work persistently

on improving their skills to reach the best level by searching and working hardly to reach their main objecve which is presenng the best services to customers through advanced water treatment systems with real ensurance and after selling service

water treatment

CHRONOS is specialized in water treatment, where using the lates technology and interna_onal standards for all sectors (Industrial, Pharmaceu_cal, tourism, medical and Hospitals), in addi_on to other enterprises which need clean water

new technology

CHRONOS engineers partnered up with a team of specialists and experts to develop this new, integrated and environment friendly technology that surpasses all exis_ng systems.

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